Title Chart of Ranking:
Zero All new chatters start off with no ranking for any titles. You begin as a traveler.
One Is the first title given once you have aquired the right to claim a title.
Two Is the second title given over time after having been watched and deemed good enough to attain a different title.
Three Is the third title given after much more time has passed and you've proven to be a valued member with title.
Four Is one of the highest of all titles given out to those that have worked extremely hard and proven themselves time and time again.
Five Is the last of the titles given out to all members that have been given titles, these people have worked over time and put in alot of effort to gain their title ranking.
Six These are custom titles handed out by the ruler to those that have worked far and beyond the call of their jobs. There is no listing for the titles.

Thug: A simple ruffian. Rank One.
Mugger: A person who attacks with the intent to rob. Rank Two.
Prowler: A person who works for the bandits and hitmen. Rank Three.
Bandit: An outlaw who lives by plunder. Rank Four.
Hitman: A professional assassin who works for a crime syndicate. Rank Five.

Apprentice: A student of the magi ways.Rank One.
HedgeWizard: A honored student of the magi ways, an apprentice who has gained recognition for his/her abilities.Rank Two.
Elemancer: A esteemed magi who is there to teach the hedgewizards and apprentices. Rank Three.
TeloGetha: One who acts under the tempest, and on behalf of several magi users. Rank Four.
Tempest: One of the highest officials in the magi stations.Rank Five.

Acolyte: One who assists a member of the clergy in a liturgical service by performing minor duties. Rank One.
Brother/Sister: A member of a congregation in holy orders. Rank Two.
Vicar: A member of the clergy who exercises a broad pastoral responsibility as the representative of a prelate. Rank Three.
Father/Mother: A higher ranking member of a congregation in holy orders, one who typically governs a church or temple. Rank Four.
Hierophant: The chief priest of the the churches. Rank Five.

Peddler: One who offers merchandise for sale along the street or from door to door. Rank One.
Hauler: A worker whose business is hauling goods for merchants and shippers. Rank Two.
Shipper: One whose job is to ship items from places and stores. Rank Three.
Auctioneer: One whose business is to sell goods at an auction. Rank Four.
Merchant: One whose business is buying and selling goods. Rank Five.

Deckhand: A sailor who performs manual duties. Rank One.
Sailor: A member of a ship's crew. Rank Two.
Navigator: A naval officer who is skilled in navigating the waters. Rank Three.
FirstMate: A naval officer who works under the commander of a ship. Rank Four.
Commander: A naval officer who is master or commander of a ship. Rank Five.

Chancellor: The secretary of a nobleman; a lay legal officer or adviser of an diocese; a judge in a court of chancery or equity. Rank One.
Advisor: A person with an official rank to assist in diplomacy through the land. Rank Two.
Viceroy: The governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of a king or sovereign. Rank Three.
Envoy: A person delegated to represent one government in its dealings with another. Rank Four.
Ambassador: A diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative. Rank Five.

Commoner: A person who was given citizenship but has no ranking otherwise.Rank One.
LandOwner: A person who has attained land ownership, one who owns a home within the land. Rank Two.
Lady/Lord: A man/woman of rank or high position, whose right or title comes from a hereditary peer. Rank Three.
Noble: Possessing hereditary rank in a political system or social class derived from a feudalistic stage of a country's development. Rank Four.
Baron/ess: Lowest ranking noble. Rank Five.

Squire: One who is not of rank; a soldier; a knights right hand person. Rank One.
Soldier: A person of the military with no rank. Rank Two.
Captain: A person of the military or guild with notoriety. Rank Three.
Knight: Honorable military rank and pledged chivalrous conduct. Rank Four.
Colonel: A commissioned officer with the second highest field rank. Rank Five.

Titles Awarded by the Ruler
ArchWizard: A magi of the highest status.
Bishop: A clergy of highest status.
Chaplain: A clergy of the Military.
Councilor: Advisor; Lawyer.
Countess/Earl: Nobleman or Noble woman above a viscount.
Duchess/Duke: Nobleman or Noblewoman who is a sibling of the Queen or King.
Foot Soldiers: Member of an army.
General: A military officer or guild leader above a captain.
Guardian: One who guards and protects another person or place.
Guild Commander: Chief; Leader; Ruler of an association.
High Priest: A person of special rank who performs religious rites in a temple; Ranking under a Bishop.
Lay-Men: A person not belonging to a given profession; Member of the royal court.
Lord/LadyKnight: Highest knight in the military rankings; a first knight; personal guard of the king/queen.
Lieutenant: One of command under a captain.
Marshal: A higher officer of a royal household or court. Generally the Lord/Lady Knights second in command.
Marchioness/Marquess: Nobleman or Noblewoman above a Earl or Count.
Palatine: A person with a designated area given by the king/queen.
Prince/Princess: Child of a King or Queen.
RoyalChampion: A knight who has competed and won the utlimate knights position.
Viscount/Viscountess: A noble under a Earl and Count, yet above a Baron.