Chat Rules

In order to keep a stressful environment within our home within Palanestina, we ask that these few simple rules be followed and upheld. Drama is not wanted nor welcome within so keep all of that outside and all will go well within the Kingdom.

OOC and IC

ALL out of character chatter is to be kept within whispers or the OOC room. Palanestina is a roleplaying environment in which one loses themselves to story and imagination, not to encounter more stress and aggraviation. Anyone caught speaking ooc within full roleplaying rooms will be moved without warning to the correct area.


Images should be no more then 300 in height and 300 in width with a KB size of 20. All images must be tasteful and unsuggestive. ABSOLUTELY no NUDITY. All chatters 15 and under must have their age placed on their image, under their image. If you are found to be underage without the proper showing on your image or under, you will be imprisoned until further investigation where proper punishment will be discussed among Mods and Admins. Please, no extreme blood and gor. If a image has been known to be in use by someone, please do not copy, duplicate or use. If one has been found to be breaking this rule, they will be warned, followed by imprisonment with punishment discussed between Mods and Admins.

Marriage and Pregancy

Those seeking to be married within Palanestina have only to speak with the Oracle whom will then conduct a observation of the couple and decide whether they are to be blessed by the Gods of unity. Couples will then discuss dates and times for the ceremony. Ceremony must be performed by either the Ruler or Oracle.

Pregancies must be roleplayed out for a full 9mos. This must also be approved by the Oracle.


Rolefighting is allowed in any room EXCEPT the healershold. There is no killing of another character allowed unless discussed with said players handler and agreed upon. There must also be at least two witnesses to the agreement and the battle. If an characters existence becomes an issue, both handlers and witnesses will be brought into discussion with Mods and Admin. If no proof can be established, all declaration of death will be ignored within chat.

Becoming a Mod

Chatters that wish to ascend to Moderator status must first send in a request to the Ruler/Admin of the chat. That handler will then be placed under observation by an appointed Mod for a month. Candidate will then be placed under a 30 day trial period and observed/guided by all mods until each has given their approval on the new Mod. Then and only then will the Ruler give consent and Mod ablities to the candidate.

Simple Courtesy

Be respectful to all chatters. No extreme Profanity. No abusive (mental or cyberphysical)or sexual comments. Keep all talks of religion or culture in whispers as some may be/get offended. If one has a problem with a Mod, please keep it to whispers or speak with the Admin. !Do not shout it over the Chat!

Rules will be constantly monitored and updated, continue to watch this page regularly.