Dragon Mountain: These mighty mountains tower over a small valley, that actually leads to the dragongates. The passage way is very narrow and the sides of the mountain steep. Only the sure of foot and swift action can make it to the outlook ridges. It is usually the main way to get to the dragon gates when the castle has landed from it's route to it's sister Kingdoms at night.

Waitingroom: You've entered the only OOC room within the Realm. Here you can speak with friends ooc, show off pictures, give off ideas or just goof around! Any roleplaying done in here, you'll be ask to relocate to a different room . Enjoy!

DragonGates: The living dragon gates that guard the Castle entrance. These gates form a narrow walk way up to the drawbridge, towering 15 ft into the air with the head of dragons watching the travelers pass by. A total of twenty dragons on each side, they are watched and protected by Valeria Draon, and obey only her. They are very temperment and dont speak. They do like to play very bad jokes on passerbys, dont be surprised if they dont seem to be looking at you then suddenly you are surrounded by cones of flames or drenched with dragonspit. Give them a dragonbun and they'll be your best friend...for a day or so. (CLOSED)

Tavern: A social meeting area for all travelers and Palanestina citizens. Here you can taste the famous MoonElf tea and Dragonwyne. Or Lady Relas' moon cups. What are moon cups? Come in and find out for yourself. Enjoy hearty laughter and stories of travelers young and old.

Royal Castle: A myjestic castle, filled with light and decor where the royal family and their generals can be found. All diplomatic meetings and councils will be held here as well

Aria's Treehouse Closed


Delagura Pestima:The anicent city of the Vampires. This colony asked Trina for refugee after a devastating war. They allied themselves with Trina in order to live in peace but when Marcia lead a group of rebels against Trina, she called upon them to help her in battle. They answered, gaining Trina an overwelming advantage in power. Marcia soon enchanted the land and froze it in time. A hundred years passed before a truce was made and the City was released from the spell. The city is protected by a fine member that filters out the harmlight rays from the sun and allows the vampires to walk around in the light.

Healershold: A place of rejuvination as well as self exploration. Past these doors lie one of the most calming places within the castle, why...mayhap it is the peace within it. Never the less, the walls seem to be made of solid oak, or at least have been lined with solid oak. This gives the area a nice calming atmosphere as well as a cozy enviornment. Everything within the room seems to freekishly fit into place, and within the cabnets along the wall's hold jar upon jar of different medicinal herbs. Each bed is constantly taken care of and tended to by the servants of the Hold and lastly, there seems to be a night table at each bed with both a pitcher of water as well as a bell for any emergency calls or patients tending. (CLOSED)

TrainingGrounds (Arena): The training grounds are made up of stone, from the granite flooring to the carved granite seats, for on lookers to sit upon and watch the fights below. The only sheltered area would be surronding the seats for royal family and guest. The dome is left open and its massive size leaves room for the largest of dragons to move about easily. Sharpen your skills or defeat your enemy here.

Lake Chuzenji: The massive, beautiful lake which forms behind the royal palace then branches out to the hunting grounds. A major source of Palanestina's water

Caves: Within the depths of Palanestina Hunting Grounds, lay a series of caves once mined by goblins. Many old timers still believe those mischevious little devils are still roaming about them after Trina had then hunted. No one has dared to venture too far into the heart of theses old caves

Port Xonan: This port is actually a few miles away Palanestina, but the closest village that is accessible and gains access to Dragon Mountain and the passage to Palanestina. Most of Palanestina's travelers come to the lands by this port. It is also the where packages and other belongings can be transported to other realms or sister kingdom.

Dungeon: Cold, dark and dank. Chains and shackles hang and label the ground covered in dirt and filth. Rats and bugs scatter here and there, over decaying clothes, skin and bones. The smell of sweat and death lingers in the air. A very unpleasent place to be and if you have found yourself here, you have indeed been a very naughty individual. Within the corner of the underground tunnels and cells dwells the dungeon master. A large minatour with a nasty dislike for all living creatures, especially those with good looks.

Garden: You've entered the Garden. A lushous area of fragrant flowers and greenery, tended by several gardeners at night within the Royal Castle. The garden has a radius of five miles, ended by fifteen foot white fence that circles to one wall of the castle to the other. Each sections of flowers perfectly sectioned by type and size. Enjoy yourself and walk to the pond within the center under the willow tree. Relax and let the peace and nature over take you.

GeneralsOffice Push open the large carved wooden doors and let their oiled creak guide you into the Grand General's .. office of sorts. A red carpet goes from the door to the large desk at the end of the hall facing a large clear and stain glassed window. In the middle of the room the carpet widens to a large red circle approximately fifteen feet in radius almost spanning the width of the lengthened office.

GuardhouseYou've entered the barracks of the Castle guards. This is the area where each guard room can be located, where they dine and train under the watchful eye of the grand general. (CLOSED)

GreenForest The hunting ground upon the massive floating land is a deep forest of greenery and magic, abundant with animal and plant life. Some believe there are more living within the dense forest then what has been told, and they would be correct. Careful as you thread, for the forest has eyes


Temple: The old ruins of Palanestina's first castle and living area. The buildings have been rebuild and refurnished to support the members of the Holy followings and teachings. Within the temple are the living quarters, kitchen, library and garden. The service area is found within the main building.

HotspringsTired and sore? Need to relax? You've entere the right place. Let the steam of the hot water soothe those aching muscles and caress the soul. Let your worries and tension wash away in the calming waters of Palanestina's hot spring

DemonCity A dark and massive city resigned to dark creatures of all kinds. Enter at your own risk, the residence of this city attack any and all. If you enter, you enter knowing there is the possibility that you will be attacked. If you do not wish to be attacked do not enter the city.

Marketplace A mainstream of business in Palanestina. Here a traveler or citizen can fine the finest in jewelry, fresh produce and the latest in fashion. There is a large area that is dedicated to only blacksmiths, their shops surround a large forge that is said to be the opening to a dormant volcano for it's fire never ceases. Anything can be purchased here, from horses to travel to fabric for dresses. Enjoy the hassel and bussel of the busy market

MarshesA huge swamp were once the site of Trina's labortaries where she preformed sacrifices and created creatures of fearsome varieties. Many of these creatuers still roam the outskirts of the swamp, and the more fearful and powerful lurk in the deep water or protect the hidden Temples and treasures lost within the dark muck. Brave you the sunken labortories and learn the secrets of the marshes?

MoonelfCity The lost city of the elves that was destroyed in the revolution against Trina but Marcia and the rebel army. Thousands of years ago, Trina granted refugee to a handful of moonelves stranded after a battle, granting them a home as long as they allied with her. During the battle, Marcia spell scattered the five powerful stones that created and protected realm. After the truce of Vanguard was signed, and Moonelf city was released along with the other two lands of power. The stones were sought and brought back to restore the lands to its myjesty once again.

Ye Ole BucketA hive for scum and villainy, Ye Old Bucket boasts one of the worst reputations in all the land. Watch your backs, as well as your fronts when you enter here, for there are no rules and the Kings Guard has trouble maintaining any semblance of law in this dark commune. Schemes and foul plots are often exchanged in the many dark corners, which makes the Bucket a perfect rendezvous if you have evil in your heart. So if you feel up to it come on in and try the mutton and chug down a pitcher of ale, otherwise ye be warned.

Ocean The sea. Vast, changing, and powerful. As your feet sink into thee soft warm sand, you can see all of these virtues from the waves crashing against the cliffs and rocks down a ways, the sandbars changing over time as the tides push them about as they will, to the open seascape where the water spreads out under the sky to disappear into the horizon. With such a beautiful vista its no wonder lovers and prospective couples come here to be alone, and why its a favorite place for late night walks under the moon and starry skys.
The ocean is perfect place to sit and relax as you watch the waves clash, but dont forget about the creatures below these deep blue waves. Some even say you may see a mermaid so keep your eyes open just incase. Let the ocean great you and forget all your troubles as you look over the beauty of the land.

Dark Citadel: That last known residence of Lady Trina. Many dark followers come here to enchanced their magic and learn from the many tablets that Trina left behind on black magic and conjuring spells. It is rumored that Trina has a secret chamber within this citadel that houses all her tomes and mystical secrets, just who can translate them is the question. Within the lands is a old portal that is still very active. It is one way to enter Palanestina without going through the troublesome gates, yet making it out of the dark lands is another story. Dark creatures and beings live here, step lively and keep your wits about you, or surely loose them.(CLOSED)