Greetings Newcomer, this page was created to give you a basic idea of how the Ophidian realm looks and works. It is still in the process of being completely and totally rewritten.

About The Ophids
The Ophids is a large landmass; it has no longitude or latitude, no bearings or coordinates, time doesn't truly exist within this realm. Itís just a large piece of land, an island, surrounded by a deep crystal blue ocean. Hovering above the land is another island smaller in size compared to the actual land.

It has three different moons and each moon symbolizes one of the three protectors over the realm and land itself. One moon is milky gray in color which is the symbol of the mist dragoness Lilianna, who controls the deminsional aspects of the realm. The second is a light blue which is the symbol of the crystal dragoness Crystaline, who controls the spacial movements of the realm. The third and last is a gold moon which symbolizes the golden wood elf angel (aka demigod) Aerith Brodwick, who controls the elements of time within the realm.

On the western side of the Ophids, are large lavenderous and cool gray colored mountains. On the darkest part of those mountains, where they start to turn into rock is a path. The path leads deep into another lush forest, where if you follow the path you'll find another civilization. This civilization is of The Ophidian Amazons; they dwell within these woods. They live in huts and have the domain of the whole entire forest opposing the mountains. The Amazons every so many months change their location within the forest, keeping all intruders from being able to locate them.

Towards the north, is a vast mystical forest. In the center of it lies a crystal city. The three tall crystal spires of the city can be seen for miles, popping up out of the trees. This is The Crystal City of Ulthwe, the kingdom in which rules over the lands.

To the southeast, where the sun rises, is a large pine forest, with a cherry blossom garden and a bamboo thicket. A long bridge of land extends out into the sea, where lies a harbor. Floating about a 10,000 feet in the air, just east of that harbor is a large landmass. On it is a lush forest, in the center of that forest lies Lanta-Fearriel, the mage and druid school of The Ophids.

These places within the Ophids are all allies and work in perfect harmony to keep the Ophids a Utopia. All places are magically linked and can be traveled to via warp in the blink of an eye. There are however, those who would seek to cause trouble and misfortune for the honest citizens of the Ophids.

Towards the dead far south, where the magic of the guardian runs thin and short is a dead and vast wasteland. The ground is sand and the waters are dark and clouded, some of the deadliest creatures in the Ophids thrive here. And it is here, in this wasteland where you will find, The Death Valley and three black towers which is ran by, Islor Silme. This place, unlike the others is a haven for the worst kind of people. Pirates, thieves, and all manners of foul and demonic creatures wander this area, because this area in essence is a battlefield.

The only other thing to be told about this land, is that women are the dominating factor. Men are not looked down upon but they have a harder time gaining any status within the land. (ooc; Today's society is that men have more oppertunities them women do, they receive promotions over women and are viewed as better. However in this society its the opposite, women are the ones who are viewed as better, receive promotions over men, and have higher status.) This practically sums up the Ophids, any other info would have to be given to you by one of the members of the kingdom personally, because, as with all lands, this one too holds secrets not meant for just any traveler...